Session on Electrical Power Engineering

Session on Electrical Power Engineering

To equip graduates and professionals with a broad and robust training on modern power engineering technologies, with a strong focus on renewable energy conversion and smart grids. IEEE arranged a session for the aspiring Engineers about Power Electronics.

The session was lead by Dr. Fiaz. He is an Electrical Engineer with over 34 years of experience in senior management roles, power system planning, secure power system operation, project management, and teaching.

seminar on electrical power

Fiaz’s areas of expertise include corporate management, management consulting, energy policy, regulation, compliance and monitoring, restructuring of electric utilities, power system planning, technical and operational studies, functional and technical specifications of electric facilities (including FACTS/HVDC), program and project management, institutional capacity building and providing smart-grid solutions. He has led different sized teams to develop transmission system expansion, integration, operation, and investment plans for countries, regions, utilities, transmission owners (TOs), independent system and market operators (ISOs and IMOs), and independent power producers (IPPs) — worth billions of dollars.

seminar on Electrical Power

Fiaz is experienced in working with consultants, utility boards, government, and International Funding Agencies to develop and implement long-term power infrastructure projects. Throughout his professional career, he has managed or participated in hundreds of small and large-scale transmission integration and technology application projects worldwide, including in Canada, USA, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Uganda, and Pakistan.

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The session included a thorough explanation of power generation, transmission, distribution, electric power utilization, and the electrical apparatus connected to such systems. Students gained knowledge of fundamentals and applications of electrical power engineering in a wide range of topics: theory of power systems control; optimization methods applied to power systems; energy efficiency methods; reactive power control; electric facilities automation; reliability theory; expert systems; environmental protection; efficient use of energy and energy conservation; economic analysis; disturbances and transient phenomena in power systems; power system protection; transmission and distribution networks network planning; development, stability, availability, reliability and operational safety of electric power system subsystems; mathematical modeling of power plants components and subsystems.

The session was very effective for Final year students as it helped them a lot in their final year projects.


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