IEEE WEEK 4.0 is here. The best of the best, This time it’s bigger and better. . The mega event sponsored by IEEE UET KSK following by its unique modules for better learning grooming, and entertainment of scholar
Come join us on our spectacular event and
stay tuned for more.

Coders Arena

our First module of IEEE WEEK 4.0.
You think you can code show off your skills here in coder arena. 
As coding is a core part of

Engineering and in making advanced FYP.
A module designed for the coders to test and enhance their coding skills

Winner will be awarded with the certificate of appreciation and prize money

Campus Run

One of the most interesting and enjoyable module is here.
Introducing Campus Run 4.0
Explore the campus , find clues and seek the ultimate treasure hidden within the campus.
lets see which team is talented enough to find the treasure first 
Winner team will be awarded a certificate of appreciation and prize money.

Brain Buster

Do you have a mind to surpass all others? We have a chance for you to prove that. 
Presenting Our next module Brain Buster 3.0
Test your mind and be victorious. 

Food Fest

Continuing the Legacy and keeping the traditional food culture alive. Introducing the Biggest event of IEEE WEEK 4.0 The Food Fest 3.0 hosted by IEEE UET KSK . 
This time its bigger and better with food stalls from famous restaurants and stall by campus students to entertain you people. 
Are you a foodie and looking for quality time, well this is the best place for you to experience the best of all .
Come to food fest 3.0 and see for yourself.

Note: Entrance to Food Fest 3.0 is free for all and Venue is ” Ground near Main Library “

Sky Lanterns Eve

Last but not the least, mega closing of IEEE WEEK4.0 with an epic Lanterns Eve. 🔥🔥
Come Join us on this special day.

Here are the glimpse of spectacular IEEE WEEK 4.0

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