Bloom 19

Bloom 19

It is time to greet our new EE, CS, BME, and CE sessions, so here is bloom 19. This event covered all the technical and non-technical facts our beloved newcomers need to know about engineering. Not only they had fun here, but also they learned how to progress here in the future.

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This event helped them find all the facts regarding their respective engineering and made them learn many new skills.

The basic purpose of IEEE to hold this blooming event was to let the students discover their inherent skills and use them effectively. It helped them improve their communication skills and speak confidently in gatherings and express their thoughts.


The purpose of holding this bloom as another session of orientation is to let the new students explore what is waiting for them. Making them aware of the upcoming challenges and helping them to cope with it. This will give them a brilliant introduction to our society and help them make the right choice.

Some activities were conducted for fun and for the students to know each other and make new friends. This helped them to expand their circle and connect with other sessions and departments.
This introductory bloom session boosted the new students to set their goals and start their struggle. It ensured that they will never be alone as IEEE is always there for making them flourish.

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The society also discussed its prospects to focus on building and boosting the skills of our young students. This will help them to perform well in the curriculum as well as practically.
This fun event not only refreshed our new session and raised their morales to struggle more and reach the top.

In short, bloom’19 has been a successful event to greet our new session and refresh them, along with teaching and guiding them through various aspects of the upcoming challenges. We succeeded in our sole purpose of expanding the option for our new session and teaching them various skills.


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